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Flashback - The Whispering Dwapara 1

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Vedgarh is a 5000 years old abode of purebred Aryans nestled amidst the Himalayan peaks and hidden from the contemporary world. Vedgarh is the only corner of the universe where Dwapara Yuga persists even today. Gurukul, Vedgarh’s school, is the universe’s sole protector and preacher of ancient Vedic scriptures and celestial powers. It is because of these celestial powers that Vedgarh is in a continuous state of war with the Asuras, who have occupied the Pataal Loka, the deep ditches surrounding Vedgarh.

On the foothills of Vedgarh lies the forest of Humming Trees. Humming trees remain in deep meditation throughout their lifespan and resist any kind of negativity to pass through them, forming a natural protective layer between Vedgarh and Pataal Loka.

Vedgarh is currently ruled by DEVRATA(60), the blind and crippled king who got the throne after his brother DEVDUTTA’S(42) untimely demise 14 years ago. LORD BHISHMA(85) is the Lord Commander of the kingdom and GURU DRONA(80) is the Mahaguru of Gurukul; both are the last surviving Maharathi warriors of the universe. They are the part of the Royal Council that overlooked King’s decisions and has the power to overrule them. Sitting on the verge of yet another war with Asuras, Vedgarh is suffering from a lack of warriors. Bhishma and Drona are getting old; Vedgarh needs at least three young warriors of Maharathi category to stand against Asuras.

Seeing no student in Gurukul with a potential to become a Maharathi level warrior, Vedgarh starts a grand research project as a fallback step: a project to harmonize ancient Vedic powers with modern scientific miracles, to make an army of ancient warriors equipped with modern techniques of fighting, and to invoke Daivi Astras (celestial weapons of Gods) using light and compact modern Sonic weapons. For this project, along with Gurus, Vedic Scholars and Maharathi warriors, Vedgarh needs Scientists, Indian Army Veterans, and Young Physicists.

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Among the ones chosen by the Vedgarh, the most prominent are MAJOR SAMSHER SINGH(40) and PROF. KRISHNAN (42). Major Singh is an Indian Army veteran who is an expert in modern sonic weaponry and who is infamous for his fanatical hatred towards India’s enemy nations. He is frustrated with the Indian government’s laid-back attitude towards the enemy nations and wants to make his own army independent of Indian Government’s and Army’s rules and regulations. Prof. Krishnan is a world-renowned Senior Theoretical Physicist who is mad behind earning a Noble prize in Physics. He aimed at using the Grand research’s findings to fulfill his dream.

SHALVAAK(28), a sharp-minded Gurukul alumnus, is the chief of Businessmen community of the kingdom of Vedgarh. Being a part of the Royal Council, he is frustrated with the policy paralysis under Devrata’s rule. After his lifetime dream of becoming the “Chief Advisor” of Royal council was turned down by Devrata, Shalvaak prepares a Grand Conspiracy to replace this blind, crippled and weak king with a more deserving and stronger one. He meets Major Singh and Krishnan and convinces them to join his plan. Krishnan gets the task to steal the research findings from Spandan lab, Gurukul’s Acoustics laboratory, and give it to Shalvaak who will arrange to develop the Sonic Celestial weapons at his secret facility outside Gurukul. Major Singh gets the task to train a hundred soldiers in using these sonic celestial weapons.

CHITRA(18) is the ferocious bastard girl of King Devrata. She loves weaponry and war arts and hates the societal partiality she had been facing since childhood. Shalvaak befriends her and arranges for her meeting with Guru Drona. He requests Drona to accept Chitra as his disciple in Gurukul, but Drona refuses on the name of societal norms. Agitated by yet another denial, Chitra swears to take education from GURU PARSHURAMA[age unknown], Guru Drona’s teacher. She also promises an unconditional allegiance with Shalvaak before leaving to the woods in search of Guru Parshurama.

In Kolkata: PARTHA(15) is the youngest M.S. (Applied Physics) student of Indian Institute of Applied Physics. One day, while working on his deceased scientist father’s last Acoustics project titled “Ancient Daivi Astras and Acoustics”, Partha accidentally invokes the Celestial Weapons and grabs the attention of Vedgarh’s Scholars and Asuras. A Vedgrah’s warrior rescues him and takes him to Gurukul for further Vedic studies where he meets ANIRUDDHA(16) and PAWAN(14), his new roomies. Aniruddha had special inclination towards strategies and history, while Pawan was a clueless and wild student who hated systematic processes, formal education system, and hierarchies. After a formal oath-taking ceremony, their first-year education at Gurukul starts where they were taught about ancient Vedic knowledge and powers, along with Applied Physics, Modern Management Principles, and War Techniques. All three become a part of Shaiva House of Gurukul.

On the first day at Gurukul, Partha, Pawan, and Aniruddha get into a big tussle with ARNESH(16), their senior at school and the crown prince of the kingdom. Arnesh was the house captain of their rival house Vaishnava House. As the session progresses, Pawan’s rivalry with Arnesh becomes famous in Gurukul. Both were mace-fighters, and restless and wild by nature. With the passing time, Pawan also starts getting some weird sensations, as if the trees and birds around him are trying to say something. He also mysteriously becomes friends with a Hellhound, the giant creature from the forest of Humming Trees.

Partha continues his father’s incomplete research at Gurukul and finds out that his father was a part of the ongoing Sonic Celestial weaponry research in the past under King Devdutta. He also attains a higher level of Mantra chanting and unfolds many mysteries from his father’s thesis during the course. He chooses to learn Archery and soon becomes Drona’s favorite disciple. He quickly learns to invoke basic celestial weapons such as “Agneya Astra”, “Varuna Astra”, and “Vayvay Astra”.

Aniruddha, on the other hand, focuses on learning about the Vedic history and war strategies. One day, while returning from the library at night, he sees Prof. Krishnan stealing some papers from Spandan Lab. Sensing something fishy, he starts digging his nose into the matter. As he delves deeper, he prepares a hypothesis that Major Singh, Shalvaak, and Krishnan are involved in the Grand conspiracy to dethrone the king with their own selfish mottos. To his shock, he also finds enough evidence to include prince Arnesh’s name in his list of possible conspirers.

In the meantime, Prof. Krishnan, along with his assistant scientists and Vedic scholars from Vedgarh, develops basic Sonic Celestial weapons. He figures out the sound frequencies at which the sonic guns can invoke weapons such as Agenya Astra, Varuna Astra, and Vayvay Astra. He continues to provide his research findings to Shalvaak and Major Singh; Aniruddha keeps an eye on all the happenings.

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In the woods, Chitra impresses Guru Parshurama with her will to learn weaponry and becomes his disciple. She soon learns the basic weaponry and becomes a master in Swordsmanship and Archery. She also earns Daivi Astras including the dreadful ones such as Amogha Astra and Indra Astra. Impressed with her efforts, Guru Parshurama grants her the title of Atirathi warrior. He also gives her the mantras to earn Narayana Astra and Bhargava Astra before leaving.

In the Kingdom, King Devrata discusses his concerns about the lack of a strong voice on the throne with Bhishma and Drona. He was not sure about Prince Arnesh’s capabilities as the future king and was worried about his performance in Gurukul’s upcoming annual tournament: Rangbhoomi. He also tells them about his insecurity due to the increasing murmurs of him being an incapable king and the possibility of people demanding General Elections in the kingdom. Shalvaak was the one preaching these thoughts in the kingdom; all of them knew it, but they didn’t have enough facts to arrest Shalvaak for treason.

In the meanwhile, Shalvaak visits his rich friends across the kingdom to seek their cooperation in his plan to dethrone the king. He also meets prince Arnesh secretly in Gurukul and convinces him to ally with him in General Elections against his king father. He offers Arnesh the throne if they win. In exchange, he demands his dream role of Chief Advisor of the Royal Council. Despite being a promised Crown prince, Arnesh accepts Shalvaak’s proposal; he realizes the diminishing value of his father’s words and the increasing impact of Shalvaak’s alliance in the kingdom.

Shalvaak now had support from prince Arnesh and his rich friends across the kingdom, an army equipped with Sonic Celestial weapons trained by Major Singh, and a great potential warrior in the form of Chitra. His alliance was now all set to claim the throne in General Elections after Gurukul’s Rangbhoomi tournament of houses.

Gurukul: In Rangbhoomi, Arnesh’s Vaishnava house competes with Shaiva house in a game full of Weaponry and War Strategies. After a breakneck tussle, Shaiva house almost loses the fight when Partha shockingly invokes Lord Shiva’s Naga Astra, which he unknowingly earns while working on his father’s project. Frustrated by the upcoming unexpected defeat, Arnesh gets into a man to man mace-fight with Pawan. Drunk with hatred, both get so involved in the fight that they forget about the tournament. In the end, Pawan fatally injures Arnesh who collapses on the ground and succumbs to his injuries. Before Pawan gathers his senses back, he gets arrested. As the guards took Pawan along with them, he says: “He made me do it!” in a shivering and helpless voice. Partha felt something fishy in this whole incident. The way Pawan fought with Arnesh was weird; it was never taught in the Gurukul.

At night, Partha and Ani immediately rush to Drona’s abode to inform him the same. Drona gets shocked, and hearing about Pawan’s symptoms, he concludes that Pawan was influenced by Black Magic. He immediately leaves for the palace to inform Bhishma and King Devrata about it. Before leaving, he gives Brahmastra mantra to Partha and instructs him to go to woods secretly in the quest for Brahmastra. Seeing Partha invoking Naga Astra in Rangbhoomi, Drona gets convinced that Partha had the potential to become a Maharathi warrior. He also orders Aniruddha to join Royal Council as an Intern on the king’s recommendation.

In the palace, King Devrata, Bhishma, and Drona discuss arresting Shalvaak, but they lacked enough proofs for that. They also discuss Pawan being used as a pawn in Black magic. As they leave to their respective rooms after the meeting, they decide to keep this a secret until they unearth the real conspiracy. At the same night, Drona gets attacked in the palace and goes into a coma. The attacker says in a shivering voice: “He made me do this,” and kills himself.

The next day, Drona is shifted to Gurukul’s medical college under Bhishma’s protection for further treatment. But the king slowly starts losing trust in Bhishma and orders a troop of warriors with modern sonic guns to accompany him. After admitting Drona in Gurukul’s Medical College, Bhishma meets Partha and Aniruddha. He orders Partha to leave for his quest for Brahmastra. He also brings Aniruddha along with him to the kingdom to join the Royal Council. On the way back, he tells him the story of The Great War, the last war with Asuras under the command of King Devdutta where Bhishma used Brahmastra and Drona launched Narayana Astra against Asuras to win the war. Bhishma also tells him the heroic tale of late KING DRUPADA[65], the honorable king of Vanmanusha kingdom, a kingdom formed by combining all the tribes of the forest of Humming trees. Drupada was also a good friend and ally of King Devdutta. His army had Hellhounds, Direwolves, Carnivorous trees, and other tribesmen. He also had a son named VIRAT[25], who died fighting Asuras’ Lord Commander Hiranyaksha.

Meanwhile, in the palace, the king calls Shalvaak, Krishnan, and Major Singh for a secret meeting. To everyone’s shock, he arrests Shalvaak and seizes his wealth and weapons on the grounds of treason. He presents witnesses and proofs enough to prove Shalvaak guilty. He also makes Major Singh the Lord Commander of Kingdom, the position currently held by Lord Bhishma. Prof. Krishnan gets the position of Head of Sonic Celestial Weapons research.

When Bhishma gets back to the kingdom with Aniruddha, he gets shocked to know that Major Singh has become the Lord Commander. Getting ferocious, he announces to leave the kingdom forever when Aniruddha suggests him to join the Gurukul as Guru Drona’s replacement. Aniruddha also joins the Royal Council as an intern and starts learning about the kingdom’s history. He was shocked by recent events of the attack on Drona, Shalvaak’s arrest and Bhishma’s demotion; he was sensing something fishy. He was trying to connect everything with the grand conspiracy that he was trying to unearth. While reading the history of king’s dynasty, he comes across the chapter of Lord Devdutta’s death and restarts his analysis from there. He learns that King Devdutta was poisoned in a get-together with Vanmanusha kingdom. The entire blame goes to Lord Drupada, who gets a death sentence from Lord Bhishma.

To Aniruddha, everything looked senseless. He again starts his study and connects the dots right from Devdutta’s death to Lord Bhishma’s demotion. To his shock, his analysis makes him conclude that King Devrata is the true mind behind the entire conspiracy, and all others: Shalvaak, Arnesh, Krishnan and Major Singh were just the pawns. King Devdutta’s death, Lord Drupada’s assassination, Arnesh’s death, Attack on Guru Drona and Demotion of Bhishma were all looked connected with insecure King Devrata, who was playing this whole game just for one purpose: To continue his reign on the throne. Overwhelmed with disbelief, Aniruddha plans to meet Shalvaak the next morning in the prison.

In the same dark night, Pawan flees the prison with the help of the Hellhound who takes him to an old ruined city situated at the edge of Pataal loka. To Pawan’s shock, thousands of hellhounds and remaining inhabitants of that ruined city were waiting for him since ages. They all started celebrating and shouting “Prince Virat, Prince Virat.”

In the woods, Chitra successfully earns Narayana Astra and Bhargava Astra with her intense Sadhna. Impressed with her dedication, Guru Parshurama comes again and awards her the degree of a Maharathi warrior.

In the palace, King Devrata visits Shalvaak in the prison and tells him the entire story about how he overlooked the entire conspiracy while everyone else was unaware of it, and moments later, kills him. He is now the one true king of Vedgarh and the valleys with no voice, not even Drona and Bhishma, to oppose his decisions.

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