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Rishi Shrivastava

Author. Traveler. Guitarist. Chess Lover

About Rishi

Rishi is an IIM Calcutta alumnus, Financial Services professional, and the bestselling author of the book "The Whispering Dwapara".

He works with Oracle and is currently put up in Bangalore. Rishi is passionate about Indian Mythology (History, as he loves to call it) and loves to explore the secret teachings from Vedas. He is a passionate writer since his childhood days. His first book was published globally in 2012 by Tata Mcgraw-Hill publications. "The Whispering Dwapara" is his debut fiction work.

Rishi is also an avid Chess, Table Tennis, and Guitar player. He loves to cook (and EAT) Indian cuisines.



The Whispering Dwapara_ book cover.jpg

The Whispering Dwapara

Featured as Amazon India's #1 Bestseller

"The Whispering Dwapara" takes readers to a world where the chants of Sacred Mantras will mingle with Acoustics and Applied Physics, the Maharathi warriors will fight alongside Indian Army Soldiers, and Ancient Daivi Astras will join hands with modern Sonic Weapons. The multi-protagonist story features Vedic Scholars, Physicists, Professors, Sacred Gurus, Ancient warriors, and Indian Army soldiers working on a mega research project to Invoke ancient Daivi Astras using modern Sonic weapons… against one common enemy!

After releasing worldwide on 10th April 2019, the book is all set to take readers to a whole new dimension of Mythological Science Fiction with the thrill of the greatest upcoming war of Daivi Astras in the history of mankind.

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